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"To limit and box Sarah inside the label of 'model' simply doesn't do her justice. Each and every shoot I've had with her, she's provided many unique ideas and elevates the flow of the shoot entirely. She is definitely a lady of style, amazing taste, and knows exactly how to work her body to achieve the intended photograph."


"I had the opportunity to collaborate with Sarah on an editorial for P Magazine. Aside from her obvious beauty, Sarah was a pleasure to work with and demonstrated the utmost professionalism. Her positive nature and calm disposition were infectious. I look forward to working with her again in the future."


"From our very first shoot I knew Sarah was something special. In addition to being incredibly professional, punctual, and full of enthusiasm, she is the most expressive and connected model I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is rare to find a model who can effectively communicate your creative vision through posing and facial expressions.....Sarah is that model. I will forever want to work with her again and again. Gorgeous inside and out, honest, down to earth, a chameleon, a beautiful humble soul. Work with this girl as often as you can."


"Sarah is a very expressive and hardworking model, great fun to shoot with and with a lot of potential. I would be happy to work with her anytime."


"Sarah was fantastic to work with. From the correspondence leading up to the shoot to the actual shoot she was a pleasure to work with. The day of the shoot she was punctual and enthusiastic. I appreciated her ability to understand my concept and give me exactly what I needed for a successful shoot. I can't wait to work with her again."


"Working with Sarah has been one of my best experience as a photographer. First, we had a nice contact online, speaking about the mood of the shoot (it may seem a small detail but it's really cool to get quick answers). On set, Sarah is one of the most easy going and open minded models I have met so far. Her experience really helps to get great pictures in no time. She's incredibly committed to her work, remains focused all the way, bringing ideas and a lot of emotion to a shoot. Amazing model and really sweet girl!"


"When I first met Sarah, I realized she was a special person. She had an unbelievable look and and eagerness that I don't normally find in younger models. Sarah spent the next several months as my Muse and student. I've yet to find any model with the work ethic and desire to improve that she has shown me. Working with her is effortless and she can fit into any style or genre you can think of. Her posing, emoting and light awareness is flawless. She is capable of so many different looks, and each of them as beautiful as the next. I know I will not come across another like her and it has been an incredible pleasure working with her for the last year."


"She is very skilled at conveying emotions and at posing. She takes modeling seriously. And finally, she is fun to work with."


"I have had the opportunity to have Sarah model for a number of my editorial pieces; which can be seen in Grace Ormonde Wedding Magazine, Utterly Engaged magazine and also on a number of platforms across the world. Her work is superb, she is confident, graceful and always embodies the character or role she is given. As a photographer I have worked with many models, and Sarah for me is at the top of my list. She is not only talented, but the sweetest person as well. You know that she puts her heart and soul into her work and it truly overflows from every facet of her life. I am blessed to have worked with her and I look forward to collaborating in the future."

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